January 12

Compliment amongst the Chaos

Today, for whatever reason (some blame the full moon), was crazy. My students seems extra ornery and my fuse was extra short. My 7th graders had just come from gym and were not really into music today, so getting them to focus at the very end of the school day was tough. While walking around to make sure they were all on track I walked by one young lady working on her piano; after I passed she said “Ms. Camizzi, that bun is on point.” It was a pure compliment in the midst of overwhelmingness of refocusing, reprimanding, and assisting the individual students surrounding me.

The compliment felt even better because my hair had been down earlier, but when I looked in the mirror after lunch it was a frizzy mess- misbehaving worse than the kids, so I threw it up in a bun to keep it contained. I didn’t give my hair a thought after that, ain’t nobody got the time for that.

How nice to be reminded that such a simple compliment can pierce any dark cloud of a mood that has set in on a classroom, or any room.

Today’s joy is the joy of an unsolicited compliment and it’s affect on me – a positive change in my attitude and focus.

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