January 10

Tough Guy – Soft Heart

One of the teachers at my school was a state trooper earlier in his life. He is an amazing man and teacher who is always encouraging the kids to be better than they are right now. Today we introduced St. Baldrick’s during our lunch periods. This teacher stood in front of a cafeteria full of 13 year olds and shared about how our school can raise money for pediatric cancer research though St. Baldrick activities. We showed pictures of teachers, including him, having their heads shaved in the past, as well as videos put out by St. Baldrick’s so the students got the full picture. The ex-trooper, who can quiet a room with a stare, stood in front of about two-hundred 7th graders, and talked about “helping people you will never meet. And helping students who are in this school right now– students who wouldn’t be with us today if they had been born when your adult teachers where born.” And he teared up. He put the mic down for a few seconds collected himself, then finished his thought. “Research like the kind being funded by St. Baldrick’s is why those students are with us today.”

Not one student in that cafeteria snickered or jeered when he paused. They all respect this man. And his tears showed the heart that inspires that respect.

Today’s joy is the soft heart of a tough guy.

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