January 8

Morning Worship

Because of the snow we weren’t sure how many people were going to be making it to church this morning. The wonderful part is, our worship team had no plans to change anything. Wheather 500 people or three people were in the congregation, our singing and playing would have remeained the same. Mainly because we don’t do it for the people that show up on Sunday mornings, that group we call a congregation. What we do is related to them- we are leading them, but we are leading them in worship for our God. So our praise, our worship, our singing, our playing, our hearts, and our attitudes are not changed by how many people are joining us in that worship on any given Sunday. Those things are only changed by the One we are singing and playing to: the One True God. The prayers before we start and moments we have playing together continually remind me of this teams priorities and beautiful spirits.

Today’s joy is a worship team who’s hearts and minds are in the right place, the people I find joy engaging in musical worship with every week.

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