January 7

Sisterly Love

Today was a snow day. Everyone in town was snowed in. 6.5 inches may or may not seem like much snow to you, it all depends on where you live, but for us, that amount leave us pretty much home bound. But the roads can be cleared pretty well once the snow has stopped. Since it snowed all day today the roads were a mess all day. My sister lives a mile and a quarter from me. She called to hang out. “Come to my place, we’ll watch movies and play games. I’ll meet you half way.” I left my house and she met me about half way. The walk was a snow adventure- it’s own joy in itself. (See my January 5th post for my love of snow.) We walked back to her place, had dinner watched and a movie.When it was time for me to leave she said she’d walk her dog with us this time. 

“You don’t have to go out again. It’s freezing.”

“It’s okay. I have to walk the dog anyway.”

And she and her dog walked half way back to my house just to turn around and walk back again.

My joy today, is my little sister wanting to hang out with me and being willing to walk over two miles in the snow and “Feels like 4°” weather when she didn’t have to. Today’s joy is sisterly love.

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