January 5

Snow in the forecast.

That’s right folk, the first snow for my area is forecasted for tonight. They are saying 1-3 inches, which means we will get a dusting. But that’s okay. It’s pretty and I’ll take it! Maybe it’s because we don’t get much of it, but snow is still very magical to me. I enjoy watching come down while I’m warm inside with my blankets and tea. Going for a walk in quiet crispness feels like walking in a secret, a place no one has ever been, and will never be able to get again. I can smell snow. Yes, like Lorelai Gilmore, I can smell snow. I’ve been saying it since I was a kid, well before Gilmore Girls was imagined. But Lorelai’s excitement was very affirming to me. I too have always had a very affectionate place in my heart for those frozen water crystals. My excitement for snow has not abated as the years have gone by. And while most adults groan and bemoan impending snow clouds, I squeal with joy inside (or out loud if I’m alone) and run to the nearest window to try and catch a glimpse of the first flakes to grace us with their presence. Tonight is no different. As I settle in for the evening I pause in front of every pane of glass, hoping to see it begin.

And so, today’s joy, is the joy of snow.



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